Green Tourmaline Herma Ring

Green Tourmaline Herma Ring

The herma was an ancient rectangular protective sculpture featuring a male head, masculine bits, and little else. Frequently depicting Hermes, a deity celebrated for his endowments both godly and more human, these stones could be found throughout ancient Greece, especially at boundaries and crossings. Our more portable Herma is made with a quadrangle of green tourmaline, framed on each side with four spheres of gold, evoking the sacred number of the messenger god. 

Green Tourmaline, 22K gold. 

4mm wide

Handmade in New York City. 

This piece is made to order; please allow up to three to four weeks for its creation. We hand select each beautiful stone, which all vary naturally in color and striation. Should you need it sooner, desire engraving services, or if you are interested in this piece in another gemstone please contact us at with your request.



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