Carnelian Intaglio Unda Spinning Pendant

Carnelian Intaglio Unda Spinning Pendant

Inspired by ancient intaglios, this highly saturated carnelian can be inscribed on both sides and its ridge for you to make your own mark. Cradled in wide twist, the crimson stone can be rotated as you wear it, allowing you to choose the message you wish to send most.

Inspired by ancient iconography, the natural world, and fantastical thinking, we've invented a guide to lead you to your personal emblem. Once you place your order, our team will be in touch to liaise your story in stone. Please note, each carving is priced separately, pricing varies based on complexity of design. 

Carnelian, 22K gold
23mm x 40mm

Handmade in New York, New York

This piece is made to order; please allow three to four weeks for its creation after confirming your intaglio design. Should you need it sooner, please contact us at with your request.



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