22-Karat Gold

22-karat is the most historical karat of gold, known for its malleability and ductility, while undergoing little to no oxidation. All Prounis jewels are made with a custom shade of the ancient 22-karat alloy, in which fine gold is mixed with a small dosage of copper and fine silver. The malleability of 22-karat allows the jewels to shape to the wearer over time. 22-karat gold has a vibrant yellow hue, and each piece begins with a matte finish. The wearer’s skin oils polish the metal over time, creating a lustrous shine.


Prounis gemstones are individually hand-selected from vendors all over the Silk Road (globe). Each stone is carefully inspected for unique personalities and tones. “Personalities” can take the form of appealing natural inclusions, or variations in color. Cabochons and rough-cut gemstones are some of the preferred cutting styles we favor.  

Handwoven chain

Chain is made from links of wire woven together in a repetitive arrangement. At Prounis, we hand make all of our parts, starting with wire. Hand-woven chain is a long and laborious process in which we make the links, shape the links, and then weave them into chain.


Granulation is a process of ornamentation with gold spheres, referred to as granules. Granules are placed on a surface in an intricate design and then individually fused into place. Granules range in size from minuscule to tiny. Look closely at Prounis jewelry—even the tiniest accents are created by hand using this 5000-year-old technique.


Each Prounis jewel is accompanied by a genuine suede pouch, hand made in New York City’s garment district. The sage green color is a nod to the Prounis family history, dyed in Italian tanneries to match the Versailles nightclub’s tablecloths.



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